Shawnee Presbyterian Church

PO BOX 145

1129 Shawnee Church Road

Shawnee on Delaware PA 18356

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(570) 421-5518
Founded in 1752

Please review these definitions to determine which fund is most appropriate for your gift.

                                                    Thank you for your support!

General Fund:

The General Fund is used for most church expenses. All giving that is not otherwise designated goes into the General Fund.


Benevolence provides individuals ­– whether church members or non-members – with the basic necessities of life. This is distinguished from Mission giving, which goes toward organizations and initiatives. The most common assistance includes utilities, rent/mortgage, groceries, medical expenses, etc.

Annual Per Capita:
Per Capita goes toward the administrative expenses of the PC(USA), distributed among the Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly. By paying the annual Per Capita, members enable the PC(USA) to put more resources toward non-administrative functions that benefit the church and global community as a whole. The amount of Per Capita varies each year – please refer to the information provided in the church bulletin for the correct amount.

The Mission fund supports regional and international ministry activities. As opposed to Benevolence, Mission funds go toward organizations and initiatives. Shawnee Presbyterian Church sends its Mission donations to the missions supported by the Lehigh Presbytery.

Shawnee Presbyterian Church is partnering with the Presbyterian Foundation to process our online donations. The transactions are secure, and no information will be used for any other purpose. For more information about the Presbyterian Foundation, please visit the Presbyterian Foundation website. (link: