Our Pastor

Rev. Dr. Darcy E. Hawk, D. Min.

Interim Pastor Darcy Hawk and his wife, Jil, began their ministry at Shawnee Presbyterian on September 1, 2020. Pastor Hawk comes to us after 35 years as the pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Gibsonia in western Pennsylvania.

Rev. Hawk may be reached at 570.421.5518 or pastor@shawneepresbyterianchurch.com.

Our Leadership
To reach any contact person, please email us at info@shawneepresbyterianchurch.com. 

Clerk of Session: Barbara Dickinson

Class of 2023: Kevin Mays, Tom Kirkwood, Harold Needham
Class of 2024: Bill Dolph, Barb Dickinson, Steve Walston
Class of 2025:
 Pete Ferguson, Vince Della Fera, Catharina Litjens

​President: Christine L. McDannell

Class of 2023: Christine L. McDannell, Debby Mays
Class of 2024: Linda Jennings, Patti-Jo Dolph, Steve Clemmons
​Class of 2025:
Ginny Sodano, Diane Bowman, Sharon Murphy


Ministerial Assistant: Christine L. McDannell
​Custodian: Steve Walston
Musical Director: Midge McClosky
Pianist: Clifford Hudson

Committee Chairs

Buildings & Grounds: Michelle Siptroth
Cemetery: Jon Kirkwood
Christian Education: Cathy Klingler
Church Life: Maggie Della Fera
Congregational Care: Steve Clemmons
​Finance: Barb Dickinson
Financial Secretary: Christine L. McDannell

Hostel: Barb Dickinson
Media: Cathy Klingler, Vince Della Fera
Nominations: Christine L. McDannell
Personnel: Kevin Mays
Presbyterian Women: Maggie Della Fera 
​Stewardship: Kevin Mays
Treasurer: Peter Ferguson 

The History of Our Church

  • Make a joyful noise!

    Take part in our music ministry through vocal and instrumental performance.

  • Help a neighbor! 
    Lend a helping hand through our many community outreach activities.

  • Go behind the scenes!
    Share your talents in technology, buildings & grounds, finance, or other skilled tasks. Contact us to find an area where you can help.

​From the Pastor's Desk

​We come from people who survived because of fear. They feared the low rumbling growl of the tiger. They feared the people from the next valley who were likely to come steal the cattle and burn our houses. They were afraid of nocturnal animals who carried people off into the night. Their fears were born of a different environment than where most people find themselves. In a time where tigers are behind bars in the zoo and the neighbors borrow the lawn mower, forgetting to bring it back, our natural fears are pointless. We are not afraid, we are anxious.

Anxiety is fear without an object. Our fear is being manipulated by people who try to get us doing what they want done. Instead of preaching from 1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear; for fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not reached perfection in love,” we have preached retribution and division. My advice to you in these perilous times is to use your God-given intelligence to overcome anxiety by facing fear.

We need to know what to be afraid of, because then we can develop strategies to confront or avoid the things that actually may harm us or the people we love. A lot of people have done quite well financially and politically by making you anxious. We are better off thinking what actually threatens because often the one preaching anxiety is the one you should fear.

Our Historic Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Monroe County, PA. We offer a free self-guided walking tour with major stops, including sites dating back to 1752.

Our Mission Statement


To be a friendly congregation where all people

​can freely come and worship, experience family

fellowship, feel the presence of God's love in a

historical and recreational setting, and be a

beacon of God's light to the world.


At Shawnee Presbyterian Church, it's our mission to help you explore your relationship with God and improve those meaningful relationships in your family life. We hope you will join us each Sunday to share the warmth of faith and the strength of our community.



The Shawnee Presbyterian Church in Shawnee on Delaware, PA, traces its history back to 1750, when William Allen of Philadelphia conveyed five acres of land to Nicolas DePuy for a "Presbyterian Meeting House." The meeting house was erected by the 1752 committee.

The original "Old Stone Church" (sketch at right) featured a high pulpit with a sounding board and window sills above the heads of the seated congregation to thwart attacks. The building has been used by Presbyterian, Dutch Reformed, Lutheran, German Reformed, and Baptist congregations.

The present brick structure was erected on the original stone foundation in 1853. Ann DePuy Erb, great-granddaughter of Nicholas DePuy, laid the cornerstone. The narthex and chancel were added in 1893.

Help us continue to do the Lord's work!

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